On air Wednesday 20.06.18 from 20h till 22h


“Space is the place. Love is the drug!”

Karolien Polenus (1979) aka NiXiE, based in Brussels, Belgium, is a music promotor who rolled into dj’ing. She has been active in the Belgian underground music scene for years as a dj and as the head of the notorious NIXIE’S events, organising concerts and parties, harmonising the far-out gospels from notorious wild life with the primitive roaring of obscure hidden night owls. You have the right to remain haunted.

For her first show at WAV, NiXiE invites Antwerp local Venus in Cancer as her co-voyager in space. Enjoy the journey.

Pic + artwork credits: Merel Hart + Katrien Matthys




experimental pyschedelic

    NiXiE hour one:
  1. India - CYBE - Tropisch Verlangen
  2. Shabistan - DARIUSH DOLAT-SHAHI - Electronic Music, Tar and Sitar
  3. I gotta Pee - IGNATZ EN DE STERVENDE HONDEN - Teenage Boys
  4. Mustapha's exit - STEVE GUNN - Boerum Palace
  5. Quarter Wheel - SIR RICHARD BISHOP - Eight Trails, One Path
  6. Sunflower River Blues - JOHN FAHEY - Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes Vol.2
  7. Meshes of the afternoon - ENTRANCE - Lost Tapes vol. 2: I'm only passing through
  8. Electric Blend - SANDY BULL - The essential Sandy Bull