On air: Monday 16.07.18 from 20h till 22h

Second show on WAV by NiXiE. Like previous time, she’ll bring along an interesting guest.
This time it’s Plug Head from Brussels.

Stefanos aka Plughead started DJing over a decade ago in an island of the Aegean sea. The next years find him selecting music relentlessly in the local scene of his hometown Thessaloniki, Greece, reaching a peak of 5 all-nighters per week.

After migrating to northern Europe in 2015, he has been sneaking in and out the scenes of Copenhagen and Brussels, with sets at festivals, low-key venues and DIY parties.

Musically speaking he always remains versatile, genre-hopping between darkness and light, roots and future, body and soul.

Proud member of the Paranoise Radio family since 2011.

  1. *******NiXiE's part*******
  2. Roberto Musci: Nexus on the beach
  3. Midoro Takada: Mr Henry Rousseau's Dream
  4. Pablo's Eye: Double Language
  5. Cybe: The Running Water
  6. Dijf Sanders: Retired Sportwatch
  7. Karuna Kyhal: Alomoni 1985
  8. Sand: Dessert Storm
  9. Jean-Bernard Raiteux: Kathleen Writhing
  10. *********Plug Head's part***********
  11. Brother Ahh – Love Piece
  12. George Theodorakis – Stou
  13. Kuniyuku Takahashi – You Should Believe
  14. Spontaneous Overthrow – All About Money
  15. Eric Feremans – Hippy Song
  16. Syndrome – Roots (12” Extented Version)
  17. Insanlar – Kime Ne
  18. Om Buschman – Hey Tata Gorem (Wolf Muller Edit)
  19. Skull – Camazotz
  20. Zov Zov – Hands Held Up
  21. Niagara – Amarelo
  22. Liquid Liquid – Rubbermiro (The Loving Hand Remix)
  23. Zombie Zombie – Hippocampe (Wolf Muller Remix)
  24. Raja Zahr – Drum Sequence