On air Friday 15.02.18 from 15h till 16h
Oswald‘s third passage on the WAV-waves brings you one hour of everything weird, but groovy.
From psychedelic soul, via freakbeat, to prog rock: ‘hidden secrets’ with a bit of an edge.

  1. Aleph:Toccata (Original Version)
  2. Brainticket: Watchin' You
  3. Mango: Mango Na Mango No
  4. Bo Hansson: Excursions With Complications
  5. David Bowie: Black Country Rock
  6. Timebox: Poor Little Heartbreaker
  7. Jacques Dutronc: Hippie Hippie Hourrah
  8. Het: ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan
  9. Booby Trap: Jeany Hill And Marilyn Bloom
  10. Libre Esprit Moteur: Clubman Round-Up
  11. William Sheller: Exitissimo
  12. 5 From Dave: Little Child
  13. Frijid Pink: The House Of The Rising Sun
  14. Janko Nilovic: Hippocampus
  15. Philippe Nicaud: C'ex
  16. Richard De Bourdeaux & Daniel Beretta: La Drogue
  17. The Pawnshop: Telegraph Is Calling
  18. The Open Mind: Magic Potion
  19. Adam's Recital: There's No Place For Lonely People
  20. Lord Sutch & heavy Friends: Cause I Love You
  21. Lamp & Lazerus: Onheil (Edit)