On air Friday 16.08.19 from 18h till 19h

Our next show in collaboration with Ampere Open Air 2019.
We Are Various is hosting a stage at the new open air festival from Ampere club (Antwerp) end of Augustus & to celebrate this we’ll be teasing you the whole month of August with some exclusive shows at WAV from artists who will perform at the festival and at our stage.
Extra info & tickets for the festival via https://ampereopenair.com/

This time we invited Stellar Om Source,

Stellar OM Source is the solo music project of Christelle Gualdi, a French-Italian music producer and DJ born in Paris. Active for more than a decade, Christelle’s acclaimed 2013 album Joy One Mile and Nite Glo (2015), both on the boundary-pushing New-York label RVNG Intl firmly established her as an artist to watch out for. Both releases settled her musical direction. They bring elements of techno, house and disco in a unique musical palette, marking out her signature of emotive uplifting melodies and contagious, bassline-centered grooves. Christelle’s famed all-analog live sets create electrifying and energizing dance parties. Her DJ sets also have that distinct energetic style which can range from dark heaviness to anthemic cuts. Not surprisingly, she has toured and performed in most of Europe’s forward-thinking clubs and music festivals, on dance-floors across the world from Rio to Bangalore.

About Stellar Om Source