On air: Thursday 06.09 from 21h till 23h

In anticipation of the Patrick Selinger ‘Businessmen’ release on Stroom, Nosedrip will do a radio session at WAV. This one is open for public.

About the release

“The wavy A-side, made in 1988 in collaboration with Jan-Vincent Van den Bergh as LOGO., was part of the tsunami of new beat records released at that particular space in time. Right after, Selinger grew tired of the music bizz and decided to become an artist. ‘I left the music world for the music, that’s why I became a pianist. I left the art world for the art.’

The B-side holds 3 songs from a piano solo/piece of art Selinger recorded, produced and sold in 2006. ”

STR12-016 will be out on September the 3rd via the usual recordstores & digital outlets.
Check the full release via the Stroom Bandcamp page.



  1. Sonic Carcinogens - Syntanimalis
  2. Zru Vogue -Possibly Imagined
  3. Alan Rankine - Can You Believe Everything I See
  4. Election D - Repression D
  5. Iam Siam - Talk To Me Dub
  6. Coil - Windowpane (Astral Paddington Mix)
  7. Shakti - Forbidden Dreams
  8. Fatal Morgana - Attention (33)
  9. Explorers Of The Nile - We Are All Egyptians
  10. MKS - Nam Revelation
  11. Chayell - Beach
  12. DsorDNE - Antenne
  13. The Siamese Twins - A Proper Cop O Coffee
  14. Bali Hai - Afro Casa (Fuji Bass Mix)
  15. Schicksal - Manipulations
  16. Nightmare Lodge - Mirage IV
  17. Steven Brown - Love Yes (Vaderland Mix)
  18. Minister Of Noise - Heaven In Yer Eyes
  19. Shakti - That Boy
  20. Public Relations - Public Relations
  21. Annabouboula - Don’t Worry Ma
  22. Shakti - Demonic Forces
  23. 400 Blows - Fundamental Islam
  24. Al Onzo - Tango Japan
  25. ??? - ???
  26. 7th Plain - Surface Bound
  27. Tranquility Bass - May Yadana (Kin Kin)