On air Wednesday 27.02.19 from 19h till 20h !

Upcoming talent Timmerman (Ghent, BE) will join us tonight for his first session at WAV. He’s hosting his own parties ‘Timmerman invites’ in cities like Hasselt to Ghent. Previous guests included Stellar Om Source, TITIA & Asa Moto.


  1. Mark Hollis: Inside Looking Out
  2. David August: Consolation
  3. Mariah: Shisen
  4. Pablo's Eye: Today
  5. Bottin: Long Tail
  6. Lindstrom: Limitations
  7. Pender Street Steppers: Blackboard
  8. Nabihah Iqbal: New New Eyes
  9. US Girls: Rosebud
  10. Warp Factor 9: The Atmospherian (Tornado Wallace rmx)
  11. Marcello Giordani: Perché non Vuoi Ballare
  12. Rework: And It's fun
  13. Eris Drew: Hold Me
  14. Benoit Hutin: Test
  15. Kiwi: Tifock
  16. Massimilliano Pagliara : Properties of Distance
  17. Bjork: Headphones (Mika Vainio Mox)
  18. Portishead:Roads