On air 28.03.19 from 20h CET


WAV Tasting /weɪˈteɪstɪŋ/

Noun; a gathering at which people sample, compare, and evaluate different kinds of the specified drink or food -AND MUSIC- in small amount. 


Our third WAV tasting night honours JAPAN, combining good drinks, food and music from the land of the rising sun.

MUSIC >>>>>>>>>
Our radio host is Sjoerd Bruil.
Sjoerd Bruil (Black Cassette, Millionaire, Gruppo Di Pawlowski, Dez Mona) has been to Tokyo twice to swipe his credit card rock-bottom-empty in the many record stores there. His sweaty fingers frenetically looking for Japanese records that are difficult or even impossible to find off the island. This evening he’ll play his treasure trove gems for the live and online audience’s delight. Expect dreamy pop, light psychedelics, synth pearls and a lot of 80’s funk. In Japanese.

SAKE >>>>>>>>>
Our sake host is Paul Morel. Paul started his journey into the fascinating world of beverages at Pure C*, expanded his expertise in renowned bars from London to Chicago, and landed in Antwerp in 2014 to set up and manage the bar of The Jane’s. Since some years he went his own way with Atelier Paul Morel, sharing his knowledge through consultancy, product development and events, creating new recipes, challenging the extremes. After having worked in Japan at the organic sake brewery Terada Honke, Paul uses this versatile drink when he can. Beginning of april his new atelier, bar and kitchen will open at Brouwerij De Koninck where the love for sake, cocktails and tea will reach a higher level. https://www.morel.co

By the lovely Julie Dorny .

!!!!! If you want to go for the “full experience” (sake tasting + food formula), please reserve through wav@wearevarious.popeye.cloud (limited capacity)

Sake by the glass and other drinks will be available at the bar as well.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1979208689052773/