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“I’ll step in my Time Machine and shall travel back and forth into time. So expect  all styles I’ve been into such as Rockabilly, Ska, jazz, jazz-Funk, Disco, Soul, Funk, House, Deep House and more”


1. What was the first sound you remember? 

As I’m not the youngest chap anymore it’s too long ago to remember hahaha 

2. And the first sound that you recognized as music, never to leave your heart/head again? 

Probably some hippy music blasting from my older brother’s room 

3. What did you want to become as a kid?

Something like a rockstar I guess.

4. Who do you look up to and why? 

I look up to everybody who live their dreams and believe in it. 

5. Who should play you in the movie about your life? 

William Dafoe 

6. What annoys you the most? About others? About yourself? 

I always try to see the best in people but I do not like fake people. About myself it annoys me somethimes that I’m so messy and lose concentration at moments I don’t want it  

7. Choose one superpower if you were a comic book hero? 

I’m already Super Smos

8. What is your trademark joke or trick? 

I know how to keep a pokerface when I’m joking 

9. Did video really kill the radio star? 

I’ve never been too much into radio 

10. Who are you favorite table guests, dead and/or alive? 

My friends 

11. Where would you rather be right now? 

The Azores but I’ll have to wait until end of June for that 

12. How close did you ever come to death? 

About 2 minutes when I was about 6 years old   

13. What is the craziest thing you ever saw on the internet? 

The internet is full of crazy shit so I try to surf to the things that  interest me. 

14. Do you dance to your own music? Why (not)? 

Of course, if I can’t dance to it I don’t like it. 

15. How often do you dance? Where and when? 

I dance as much as I can here and everywhere. It keeps me sane and fit 

16. Embrace Today! But what genuinely used to be better back in the days? 

Back in the days things were made to last 

17. What is your biggest achievement? 

Still doing what I love to do 

18. What was your most shameful moment? 

Can I keep that for myself? 

19. Are we alone in the universe? 

If not, I’d like to hear some outer space music  

20 .Which habit do you want to kick? 

At the moment I’m trying to kick the cigarette habit 

21. What should they play at your funeral? 

Sex Pistols – My Way