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This Snobs show is all about Grafixx fest. Snobs will have a cozy chat with magnificent curator Ephameron and other artists of the happy Grafixx bunch. With Charlotte Mei (UK), Ansgar Reul (DE), Louis Reith (NL), Siemen Van Gaubergen (BE)

All info about Grafixx here.

Artwork cred. Sarah Yu Zeebroek

  1. Finsta Bundy: “Feel the High Pt. II”
  2. Mahalia: “Sober”
  3. Mobb Deep: “Front Lines (Hell on Earth)”
  4. Isaiah Rashad: “4r Da Squaw”
  5. Nas feat. NTM: “Affirmative Action (Saint-Denis Style remix)”
  6. Lo Village: “Lost in America”
  7. Louis Reith: “Tie-Dye Branch Eye”
  8. Lutan Fyah: “Fake Friend”