On air Wednesday 02.10.19 from 21h till 22h


SOUNDCUTE presents ⟫⟫
SOFT RIOT ⟫⟪ DJ AIMé LE Chevalier

SOFT RIOT ⟫⟫ atmospheric, psychedelic and minimal synth music from Glasgow.
SOFT RIOT’s sound is an amalgamation of JJD’s personal experience with music, containing elements of synthesiser-based film soundtracks, romantic italo-style flourishes and angular, psychedelic synth-pop all tied together with an underlying tension. It is a science-fiction tinged soundscape that narrates the listener through today’s fractured, excessive landscape with hints of black humour. When playing live JJD mans no less than three synthesizers, a microphone and an on-stage mixer all performed with the energy of a full band. Stages have been shared with such peers as Keluar, She Past Away, Selofan, Drab Majesty, Lebanon Hanover, Noi Kabát, Robert Görl of DAF and many more.


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Support by: DJ AIMé LE CHEVALIER ⟪ Walhalla Records


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