On air from 19h till 20h

During the radio show, Spencer Clark will air the special mix he made inspired by his project Avatar Blue and will talk about this wonderfully blue project that will invade Het Bos from March 20 to 23.

The apotheosis of the 4-day journey will be the concert on the 23rd: 4 fellow ‘imagineers’, James Ferraro, Lieven Martens, Edições CN and Spencer Clark himself composed 4 pieces in the theme of Avatar Blue especially for this project. WAV will stream the concert live from Het Bos, so same&otherworldly like-minded who are not physically present in Het Bos that night, can still shred their existence and become BLUE.

US-born, Antwerp-based musician Spencer Clark is a musical projectile with an impressive production output. As a label boss (Pacific City Soundvisions) or under various monikers such as Vodka Soap, Black Joker, Typhonian Highlife, Charles Berlitz or Monopoly Child Star Searchers, he releases records in flash forward mode.

Together with artists such as Ariel Pink, Ducktails, Emeralds and close friend James Ferraro, with whom he formed the legendary duo The Skaters, he’s sometimes called the founder of the Hypnagogic Pop. A term that was invented to label their music and that means as much as music that evokes the state of consciousness that we experience between the moment of sleep and waking.

His first album The World of Shells was released on KRAAK.

His most recent album is Avatar Blue. This vinyl is conceived as an alternative soundtrack for the upcoming follow-up to Avatar, James Cameron’s 3D cinema success from 2009. 

From March 20 to 23, Spencer will take over Het Bos to take you on a wonderful journey through Avatar Blue. During this 3-day trip, Spencer Clark set up a full program around this album.

Laserdisc cinema from the heyday of ‘straight to video special effects’ Hollywood films such as TC2000, BRAINSCAN, ROBOCOP 2, THE ABYSS, …

Art objects, including life-sized Avatar figures, conceived in-situ at Het Bos Gallery.

And on the last evening the concert hall will turn blue: 4 fellow ‘imagineers’, James Ferraro, FRANCESCO CAVALIERE, Lieven Martens, Edições CN and Spencer Clark himself composed 4 pieces in the theme of Avatar Blue especially for this project.

In his own words:

‘The transference of James Camerons’ future film, AVATAR 2, into the ULTRA-PREHISTORIC world of the PRE-CAMBRIAN ERA is alive in SPENCER CLARK’S NEW ALBUM PREMIERE, AVATAR BLUE.  In order to influence a positive outcome in the world of Hollywood, AVATAR BLUE will imbibe a morphed AVATAR being into a speculative historical time period of the Pre-Cambrian era; whence a large influx of oxygen poured into the oceans from volcanic aqueducts to create a multitude of bizarre underwater creatures.  The hopefulness of a positive outcome for James Cameron’s sequel to the dull and corporate, Avatar 1, will be portended by the invention of a speculative new AVATAR 2 world. The placement of the Avatar beings in a Pre-Cambrian world is a statement and gesture of personal power by the Imagineer, SPENCER CLARK.

You are invited to shred your existence and become BLUE. Avatar Blue is a color, a ride, and experience…’