On air from 17h till 18h

Stadskanker is a Brussels based platform for unconventional music and culture. By organizing raw eclectic events in various locations they finance their record label activities.

Embrace the imperfection during WABI SABI SESSIONS with BALTEEL. Eclectic mess on vinyl, trying to create an experience that keeps you engaged and entertained, whatever feels good and gives joy at the moment.

  1. Osdorp Posse – Rust En Ruimte
  2. Crisis Man – Police Injustice
  3. Diat – Young and Successful
  4. Crowd Of Chairs – Mind Control
  5. MOAR – Star Rider
  6. The Pebbles – Playing Chess
  7. Parasite – Scorched Earth
  8. Vision 3D – Mad World
  9. Bayacomputer – L’Ultima Vez
  10. Wipers – Return Of The Rat
  11. Gewapend Beton – Alles In De Fik
  12. Elton Motello – Pogo Pogo
  13. The Stooges – We Will Fall
  14. Comité Hypnotisé – The Dragon Rider
  15. Sworn Virgins – The Male Man