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“(long arms)(continued) #2 – Fool’s Spring
After a long winter comes February with its trickery; Aquarius season
sees the temperature climb for the first time in months and the slightly longer days
give the fool the impression they could go out without a scarf. Unarmed, the fool looks
around, spotting new faces squinting in the barely-there sunshine, they spot another bare neck
and want to get real close… But February is no time for losing scarves and hearts.”

  1. Marginalia #48 – Masakatsu Takagi
  2. Take Me Home – Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle
  3. Crepuscule II – Azertyklavierwerke
  4. Speak To Me – Zaumne
  5. This Is A Thirst – Jenny Hval
  6. Femenine: No. 1 Primo – Julius Eastman
  7. Femenine: No. 2 Unisono – Julius Eastman
  8. My Tender, My Sweet, My Loving, Home – Kyoko Takenaka & Tomoki Sanders
  9. Marginalia #92 – Masakatsu Takagi
  10. Brouillard #1 – Georges Delerue
  11.  Preludietto – Alessandro Alessandroni Giovanni Tommaso
  12. Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth – Roger Doyle & Operating Theatre
  13. Jour 6 – Hildegard
  14. Butter Notes – Nils Frahm
  15. Last Days: Non Voglio Mai Vedere Il Sole Tramontare – Matt Copson, Oliver Leith, Caroline Polachek, 12 Ensemble
  16. I Am A Tree – Mikael Tariverdiev
  17. Largo; L’Important, c’est d’aimer – Georges Delerue
  18. With Her First Ever Steps She Walked To Me and She Was So Happy – Dylan Henner