On air from 17h till 19h

Monthly show from Thang on Friday. With guests (first hour) & the second hour covered by himself

  1. Tolouse Low Trax: Barytone Souvenir
  2. Jesse Futerman: Luckey (Peaking Lights remix)
  3. Chaim: Slower Circle
  4. Hot Toddy: I Need Love
  5. Crazy P: Is This All It Seems (Ron Basejam remix)
  6. Cowboy Rhythmbox: Soda Jerk
  7. Soulwax: Essential Nine
  8. Let The Warriors Dance: The Warriors Dance
  9. Melancholy Man: Precaution
  10. Sound Mercenary: Dilemma
  11. The DAWLESS: DR Moog (Kovyazin Gagarinsky On Acid remix) 
  12. DJ Koze: Don’t Feed The Cat
  13. Samet Gunal: Poolboy (Musumeci remix)
  14. Pascal Nuzzo: Hold On
  15. Marijn S: Under The Lily Pads (Luca Lozano What Is Reality remix)
  16. Petar Dundov: Oasis