On air from 15h till 16h

Monthly show from Thang on Friday. With guests in the first hour & the second hour covered by himself

  1. Jesse Futerman: Life Is a Gamble
  2. Try To Find Me: Get To My Baby (TBD extension)
  3. MODES/SEVERSON: Midnight Exotics
  4. Andy vs Randolph & Mortimer: Formidable Truths
  5. Totes Preesh: The Spirit Is Alive
  6. Cabaret Voltaire: Blue Heat
  7. MORRISON, Junie: Tease Me (Arthur Baker dub mix)
  8. KZA: On&On&On
  9. Humate: Love Simulation (Radio Slave Full Length Vox remix)
  10. Alex Falk: Footsteps In The Snow