On air from 16h till 18h

Monthly show from Thang on Friday. With guests (first hour) & the second hour covered by himself

  1. The Bob Bath Band: Traces of Illusion
  2. Markeno: Phase 1 (beat only)
  3. Devendra Banhart: Feel Just Like a Child
  4. Markeno: Phase 1
  5. East Coast Love Affair: Taken For Granted
  6. The Naturals: The Rose
  7. Patrick Cowley: Floating
  8. Night Moves: Transdance (New York Disco mix)
  9. Cultural Vibe: Power (Power Dub 1)
  10. Andy Ash: Feels
  11. Sexual Harrassment: I Need a Freak
  12. Bonobo: Otomo