On air from 17h till 19h

Monthly show from Thang on Friday. With guests (first hour) & the second hour covered by himself

  1. Daniel Avery: Lone Swordsman
  2. Kraftwerk: Computer World 2
  3. DMX Crew: Cold Heart
  4. Forbidden Fruit: Garden Of Eden
  5. DJ Kaos: Spiral Jetty (Glimmers mix)
  6. Tornado Wallace: Start Again
  7. Cool McCool: World Turn’s Around
  8. Bawrut: Que Quiere Usted
  9. Jack Master: Bang The Box (Slam remix)
  10. Taly & Smith: Suck My Electro (feat. Locked Club)
  11. Rhythm Section: Comin’ On Strong
  12. PPJ: Fourmis
  13. Samet Gunal: Poolboy (Musumeci remix)
  14. Marc Houle: X-Rays (Audiojack remix)
  15. Radio Slave: Another Club