On air from 17h till 18h

Monthly show from Thang on Friday. With guests (first hour) & the second hour covered by himself.

  1. Benedek: Better Days
  2. Or:la: Bey, Myself & I 
  3. Moray: Konfusseum
  4. Hot City Orchestra: On My Beat
  5. Duke: So In Love With You (C-Edits remix)
  6. Soft Cell: Insecure Me (Trevor Jackson remix edit)
  7. Bicep: Love Myself
  8. Wu Kush: Xenomorph
  9. Don Carlos: I’m Steel Here
  10. Viers: Summoning Salt
  11. Alienage: I Said
  12. Surusinghe: Go Backstage
  13. Jubilee: Keys Wallet Phone
  14. Godford: The Beast