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Lost in Trancelation. Trance has been a silent companion since the beginning. Secretly listening to radio S.I.S. from our beds under the blanket late at night. Going to Cherrymoon when we were teens, buying Bonzai, Platipus, and Eye q records inbetween International Dj Gigolo, Bunker and Boynoise kinda stuff in our twenties. Our background in classical music proved perfect for trance infused club music and when The Subs formed in 2009, soon we made our breakthrough with a track called Kiss My Trance. And here we are. Almost 30 years later. Trance has gotten as exciting again as it used to be. With names like Dj ibon, Schacke, Vladimir Dubyshkin, Jasss,… here those 2 eras are combined in one mix. 

Get lost in trancelation …

More info via https://www.thesubs.be/