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Hi there! I’m Thonovo and you’re listening to Footsteps Radio, and that’s what this show is all about: Music to walk to. Consider me your guide through this musical landscape, filled with mostly electronic music, among other genres.

Every episode will revolve around a song made by me. I will do this every month for the 8 songs of my album ‘In Your Shoes’. One track is a bit short for a walk, so that’s why all the other tunes will be carefully curated to feel like they came from the same place, theme or vibe. All of them are selected and mixed to take you on a continuous journey.

This icebreaker episode will revolve around my first release ‘Cold Open’, which will be premiered along the way. It’s inspired by an episode of Blue Planet about frozen oceans. Frozen Ocean was the original name for this track, but as this is my first release, I ended up calling it Cold Open. A cold open is also a narrative technique of jumping directly into a story, before the opening credits of a show or film.

Without further ado, follow in my footsteps as we walk into the Cold Open.

  • Thonovo – Cold Open (Intro Edit)
  • Skee Mask – Session Add
  • Shield – Dank Drip
  • Ishome – Earth
  • Leifur James – Argonauts
  • Terje Isungset & Lena Nymark – A Glimpse of Light
  • Throwing Snow – Behest
  • Thonovo – Cold Open
  • Oy – Fliegendes Schwimmbad
  • James Blake – Frozen
  • Nicolas Jaar – Keep Me There
  • Valentin Stip – Wit(z)
  • Jascha Hagen – Moon Song
  • Bonobo – Don’t Wait
  • Photay – Warmth in the Coldest Acre
  • Stimming – Der Schmelz (David August Revision)
  • Burial – NYC
  • Ralph Heidel – Haut