Hi there, I’m Thonovo and you’re listening to Footsteps, because that’s what this show is all about: Music to walk to.

Every episode revolves around a track of my album In Your Shoes. It’s an hour long mix with music that feels like it came from the same place, theme or vibe. All mixed and narrated to take you on a continuous journey.

This is episode 4 already, and I’m happy to announce that it’s a special one. Normally, I would present just one of my tracks, but this time, I’ve got a bunch of exclusive unreleased tunes by yours truly.

The first half of the show, I’m playing some bass heavy & glitchy tunes by producers that got me into electronic music in the first place, years ago. The second half, will be all Thonovo music, most of which is unreleased and/or unfinished. The main course however, is my newest release, called Confront, which came out on the 22nd of April.

Put on a pair of comfortable shoes, step out, get some fresh air and follow in my footsteps. We’ve got some inner demons to Confront.

  1. Thonovo – Confront (Intro)
  2. Lorn – Batty’s Theme
  3. Binkbeats – Snake Eyes
  4. Noisia – The Approach (Reprise)
  5. Hidden Orchestra – Wandering
  6. Apashe & LIA – Behind My Eyes
  7. KOAN Sound – Max Out
  8. Culprate – Finger (feat. Linguistics)
  9. Jayglo – B-Boy Shit
  10. Elete – Running Scared
  11. Kelpe – Shipwreck Glue
  12. Modeselektor – Grillwalker
  13. Roedel – Roekeloos (Faux Fur Remix)
  14. Thonovo – You’ll Never See Me Coming
  15. Thonovo – Confront
  16. Thonovo – Sodisfatto (Borokov Borokov)
  17. Thonovo – Who the fuck are you?
  18. Thonovo – Color Blind
  19. Thonovo – Plot Armor
  20. Thonovo – Horny Hemiola
  21. Thonovo – Close Enough
  22. Thonovo – Chookity
  23. Thonovo – Corona
  24. Thonovo – Lockdown
  25. Thonovo – Memento Mori
  26. Thonovo – The Impostor (ft. Noah Vosen)