On air. Friday 26.10.18 from 19h till 20h.

TITIA (De School, Boiler Room / Amsterdam) will join us a for a radio session just before her set at NACHTSNACK at Ampère that same evening. But first we wanted to ask her a few questions. Check interview below !


WAV: Hi Titia, you currently live in Amsterdam. Is there another city or place you could live at this moment? 

Titia: “I really enjoy living in Amsterdam. But I COULD live somewhere else I think. I have lived in Stockholm for instance and I really liked living there. But I think I would miss my friends and family too much after a while. So for a short period, a year or so, I could live in any city. Though it’s very important to me that there is nice food, a lively art – and music scene and a little bit of nature around me.”

WAV: Can you share with us one of your favourite spots? 

Titla: “I live in the North of Amsterdam and I really love that part more than other areas. Its very spacious, with lovely tiny houses, old industrial buildings and with a nice overview on the IJ. I live on the eastern part of the north side. Its still the less discovered part of ‘Noord’. My favorite hangout is the terrace of FC Hyena (and everything next to it). Its not so crowded, or not yet discovered by tourists, and it feels really laidback. You can sit at the water, in Summer you can even swim there. They have great wines, an arty cinema and just a very relaxed feel.But actually what I love doing most is just picking a spot overviewing the water at the eastcoast and have a bring your own dinner / drinks when in good company. Thats all I need”

WAV: When touring , do you make plans to visit local record stores or museums? Or do you just go with the flow? 

Titia: “In life in general I am definitely a go with the flow type of person. Most of the times when I’m on tour it’s just getting to the hotel, have dinner and then head to the club. But I like to catch the vibe whenever I’m in a new city. Hang out like locals do. So I try to plan it wisely, get there a little earlier and visit a record store, a museum or a nice little bar.”

WAV: You had quite a big year in 2018. You played at Lowlands, Down The Rabbit Hole, at Tresor club, De School, Dekmantel, etc. What can we expect for the future?  

Titia: “I’m very happy with last year and I am looking forward to what’s coming. I have no idea what the future will bring. I don’t plan too much. Just see what happens. I hope to travel a little bit more, see different places and meet likeminded people. If I can do that while playing some nice shows I’m a very happy and thankful woman.”

WAV: You’re coming to Belgium on the 26th of October to play with w/ Dj Bone & Elena Colombi at Nachtsnack (in Ampere club in Antwerp). Is there a favourite Belgian track  in your bag or you listen to regulary at home?  

Titia: “There are many Belgian fav records in my bag! Maybe one to point out: CJ Bollands ‘Camargue’… I play it a bit pitched down but it always makes the crowd go wild!! I love it.”

WAV: Last one: what’s your favourite nachtsnack? 

Titia: “Lately I’ve been trying to avoid ‘nachtsnacks’, but I think I would have to go with Kapsalon. So gross but so damn good. Do you have that in Belgium? Or pizza! You can always wake me up for pizza. My alltime favorite.”

WAV: Thanks a lot & looking forward to friday. 
All info on the event, right here.
More info & mixes by TITIA : https://soundcloud.com/djtitia