On air from 15h till 17h

“Given the fact that my partner in crime was already heavily involved in creating, mixing and selecting tunes for my residency at WAV radio, I decided it was the right moment to make the switch from Orphy’s  realm into Tristan & Titania’s universe. The upset stays the same. Instead of just compiling some tunes for a radio show we prefer to deliver a lasting experience by going deep into this planet’s musical crates, editing some these finds and whilst doing so making sure each show has musical pieces not to be heard before. Much love to all and see or hear you in the near future! <3”

-Orphan Fairytale-

  1. Intro Chungking express
  2. Pai niao yin – Chirping of a hundred birds
  3. Pai yun ku hsiang – Sweet under home white clouds
  4. Qin Lei – Ringing bells of camels on the silkload
  5. Gong Yi & Luo Shou Cheng – The green pines on jiuhua mo
  6. Learn mandarin sleep meditation
  7. T’ao li ch’un feng – Beautiful spring
  8. Wu Man & Ensemble – Run
  9. Zhegu fei – La Perdrix – Fl˚te traversiËre dizi – Liu Chunling
  10. Triad God – Soy Pay La
  11. Clandestine radio recordings
  12. Chinese gameshow slices
  13. Firedrake jammer recordings
  14. Fireworks (chinese costume drama series) – flipped
  15. A walk in Shenzhen + Howie Lee – Bankers
  16. Chen Zhong – Gaoshan liushui
  17. Raise the red lantern excerpt
  18. Open heart meditation
  19. Eekhoorn X – 2 un-released tape loops
  20. Shantung folk music – Yueh yeh (Moonlight night)
  21. Fang Jin Long & Gao Wa – Feathers of the swan
  22. Ying Yang Balance
  23. Xinjiang Uigur – Bom Bayawan + Dogamat excerpt
  24. Mandarin radio excerpts
  25. Zhejang tape wobble
  26. John Woo – Hardboiled trailer
  27. Joe Wong on late night with Stephen Colbert excerpt
  28. Chinese traditional Pipa music – spring rain
  29. Tristan & Titania – Chinese Garden Music (un-released)
  30. Tasty China cooking channel excerpt
  31. Mystery cassette tape – flipped
  32. Li Xiangting – Youlan
  33. Lui Tsun Yuen – Four Tokens Of Happiness
  34. Liushui – Eaux qui coulent – Cithare ‡ sept cordes guain – Guang Pinghu
  35. Huang fei ran – Qing chun wu qu
  36. Zhou Xuan film songs – a singing-girl in the remotest of the earth
  37. Music of bulang people – lullluby of bulang
  38. Zhou Xuan film songs – gather area nuts + Firedrake jamming