On air from 16h till 18h

“Given the fact that my partner in crime was already heavily involved in creating, mixing and selecting tunes for my residency at WAV radio, I decided it was the right moment to make the switch from Orphy’s  realm into Tristan & Titania’s universe. The upset stays the same. Instead of just compiling some tunes for a radio show we prefer to deliver a lasting experience by going deep into this planet’s musical crates, editing some these finds and whilst doing so making sure each show has musical pieces not to be heard before. Much love to all and see or hear you in the near future! <3”

-Orphan Fairytale-

  1. Alice Damon- Blue Heron flies
  2. Batry Powr – Unity flute
  3. Graeme Miller – Raft
  4. Dabrye – Game over instrumental
  5. Magnet – Lullaby
  6. Ani Williams – Invocation to Hathor
  7. Kate Bush – Army dreamers (edit)
  8. The Robert Decomier Singers – Kisses sweeter than wine
  9. Iasos – I passion you a leap of love flame (reversed)
  10. Nailah Hunter – Soft wave
  11. Antonina Nowacka – V
  12. David Sylvain – Upon this earth remix (slowwed)
  13. Iasos – Osiris bull-man & elephant walk
  14. Francesco Cavaliere – Volta di lame di lune
  15. The space lady – Synthesize me (mangled)
  16. The singers unlimited – Nature boy
  17. Laserblast (1978) – movie scenes
  18. Gary Wright – Dream weaver
  19. Emerald web – Jupiter stone
  20. Troll – Official trailer (edit)
  21. Celtic Mystique Music for Relaxation and Sleep – Mystical Forest (slowwed)
  22. 0comeups – Idol (idle)
  23. Faxanadu – Mantra
  24. Fief – Dawnlight Warms the Castle Stone
  25. Carolina Eyck – The ocean
  26. Julie Cruise – The world spins (slowwed)
  27. Julie Cruise records floating with David Lynch (from the documentary Don’t look at me.)
  28. Hugo sonia – Disposition
  29. Isao Tomita – Tomita: Dororo
  30. Arca – Ave MarÌa
  31. Hoyoyo – crazyplace.