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Music in video games is highly underrated.

Although it’s a vast plain were musicians go deep into sound design and composition it gets all too often discarded as just “game music”.

To highlight some of the awesome sound design in games we also included a lot of in game moments.

For a more in depth excursion into the wonderfull world of gaming music we would refer to the awesome Gemu episodes hosted by Bent Von Bent, available in the archive at the WAVradio website.

  1. Intro_(Thumper ingame intro + Kirby Super Star ultra sfx)
  2. Forestia_Title Screen + The fairies apparition_T&t edit
  3. Stray_ingame ambience
  4. Cyberpunk 2077_ingame ambience
  5. No Man’s Sky_The Journey
  6. Ecco The Dolphin ost_T&T medley
  7. King’s Field IV_Introduction
  8. Track & Field_ingame ambience
  9. Yie-Ar Kung Fu_ingame ambience
  10. NBA Jam_ingame ambience
  11. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker_ingame ambience
  12. Scramble Training_ingame ambience
  13. Samurai Shodown ost_T&T medley
  14. Stray_ingame ambience
  15. Super Paper Mario_Soft Light_T&T edit
  16. Street Fighter II_Sagat Theme_T&T edit
  17. Paper Beast_ingame ambience
  18. Skyrim_ingame ambience
  19. Jurassic Park Sega Cd_T&T medley
  20. Nintendo The legend of Zelda commercial
  21. Donkey Kong Country_Aquatic Ambiance_T&T edit
  22. Forestia ost_T&T medley
  23. Metroid Prime 3_Corruption Music_Skytown
  24. Paper Beast_ingame ambience
  25. Heart of the alien Sega Cd_T&T medley
  26. Donkey Kong Country_Cave dweller concert_T&T edit
  27. Cyberpunk 2077_ingame ambience
  28. Ecco The tides of time ost_T&T medley
  29. Donkey Kong Country ost_T&T medley_1
  30. Tekken 2_Jack’s Theme
  31. Control_ingame ambience
  32. King’s Field IV_Healing Temple
  33. Faxanadu_Guru’s Temple
  34. Faxanadu_Stopwatch
  35. _F-Zero_ranking screen
  36. Donkey Kong Country ost_T&T medley_2
  37. Ecco The Dolphin_Jurassic Beach