On air from 16h till 18h

“Instead of just compiling some tunes for a radio show we prefer to deliver a lasting experience by going deep into this planet’s musical crates, editing some these finds and whilst doing so making sure each show has musical pieces not to be heard before.”
– Tristan & Titania

  1. Tristan & Titania_Untitled_(unreleased)
  2. Kenichiro Isoda_Beach of the Pliocene (with wave)
  3. AKANA_Meeting
  4. David Casper_Crystal Wave
  5. Hildegard Westerkamp_Kits beach soundwalk
  6. Steve Halpern_Harp & Soul
  7. Suzanne Ciani_The first wave – Birth of Venus 
  8. Floris Vanhoof’s antenna
  9. Pauline Anna Strom_Energies
  10. Orphan Fairytale_Glacial Meltwater
  11. Tristan & Titania_The coming together of all things_(preview_from the upcoming album           GLYPHS & GODS)
  12. Interstellar_Mega waves scene_(Movie excerpt)
  13. Constance Demby_Second Wave
  14. Jerry L Rosser_ The esoteric nature of music
  15. Linda Perhacs_Dolphin
  16. Orphan Fairytale_White lillies lit the way
  17. Tristan & Titania_K’U_(from the upcoming album GLYPHS & GODS)
  18. Vic Bang_Live Set excerpts
  19. David Toop & Lawrence English_Abyssal tracker
  20. Constance Demby_Lotus opening
  21. Laura Allan with Paul Horn_Nicasio
  22. Sofie Birch_Sundany
  23. Poseidonia Orchestra_Universo 1
  24. Bloedneus en de Snuitkever_Dio
  25. Sonar sounds of the sea
  26. Sarah Davachi_A woman escapes cue 4
  27. Maria w Horn_Memento mori
  28. Aki Tsuyuko_First idea
  29. Satoshi Ashikawa_Still sky