On air from 16h till 18h

Yarr mateys! This episode is a dedication to UK pirate radios.

In between frequencies some things get lost, little drums are present in what would normally be an drumfilled episode. Weird things happen and get lost in the vast sea of pirate radio airwaves..

So grab yer Irn Bru or Rubicon of choice and crack open that pack of salt and vinegear crisps, it’s pirate time!

  1. Eprom_Syntheism
  2. Artful Dodger_Re Rewind (bo selecta)
  3. * (aka Iglooghost)_T&T Medley
  4. Rustie_Zig Zag
  5. Hyetal_We should light a fire
  6. Brackles_LHC
  7. Burial_Fostercare
  8. Pure Silk & MC B_1999_dub
  9. Baraka_I’ll be there
  10. Sinjin Hawke_Shimmer
  11. L.T.J. Bukem_Atlantis
  12. Wiley_Evolve or extinct_T&T’s Koreless Mashup
  13. Baccyard_FaceGetChoppedAwff
  14. Username_b0000044_4
  15. Dj Bigman & Mat G_Flava FM 87.6_Pirate radio_excerpts
  16. Mike Slott_Knock Knock
  17. Hudson Mohawke_Monde
  18. Hudson Mohawke_Velvet Peel
  19. Hudson Mohawke_Gluetooth
  20. Serious Thugs_U r not a baller
  21. Lapalux_Without You
  22. Lapalux_Kelly Brook
  23. Lapalux_Time Spike Jamz
  24. Toasty_Like Sun
  25. Burial_Shell of light_Shlomo Remix
  26. Dynooo_Even drones can fly away, and will do so eventually
  27. Lil Simz_Venom_T&T’s_Arca Mashup
  28. Kingdom_Fogs
  29. 29_Goldie_Angel
  30. Aquadrop_Eagle Nebula
  31. Joker_Spliff Dub_Rustie remix
  32. Roni Size_Heroes
  33. Actress_Parallel World
  34. Skits, Bits and loops from various UK pirate radio recordings
  35. Flukes_Wifey Riddim