On air from 16h till 18h

“Given the fact that my partner in crime was already heavily involved in creating, mixing and selecting tunes for my residency at WAV radio, I decided it was the right moment to make the switch from Orphy’s  realm into Tristan & Titania’s universe. The upset stays the same. Instead of just compiling some tunes for a radio show we prefer to deliver a lasting experience by going deep into this planet’s musical crates, editing some these finds and whilst doing so making sure each show has musical pieces not to be heard before. Much love to all and see or hear you in the near future! <3”

-Orphan Fairytale-

  1. Lonnie Liston Smith_Floating through space_(slowwed)
  2. Alvin Lucier_Music for piano with magnetic strings
  3. Giusto Pio_Motore Immobile
  4. B.Uytterhaegen & L.Stockx_30minutes of heartbeat sounds from the womb for welcoming extraterrestrial life
  5. Boards of Canada_The color of fire
  6. Kerry leimer_Very tired
  7. AKANA_Oa.
  8. Tim Robertson_Outer planetary church music
  9. Robert Turman_flux 3
  10. The Hers_Mankind Exotica
  11. Raays_In the ocean at night
  12. Zaaz_Forever is a distance
  13. B.Uytterhaegen & L.Stockx_30minutes of waves from listening into a seashell from predicting an upcomung storm
  14. J.D. Emmanuel_Sunrise over Galveston Bay
  15. Francesco Messina_Prati bagnati del monte analogo
  16. Marc Barreca_Fish culture
  17. Vangelis_The Tegos tapes
  18. Sun Ra_Space is the place (movie excerpts)