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While it’s well-known that UKAEA is the moniker of Dan Jones, the debut LP by UKAEA, Energy Is Forever, is hardly a one-person construct. Formed from collaboration with a huge array of talented individuals from across New Weird Britain and beyond, the album is a fully-realised document of an incredible sub-culture that has flourished in the past five years. Contributors join from London (Charly Blackburn, Sly & The Family Drone, Conny Prantera, Lydia Morgan, Agathe Max, Torn Relics, Marion and the New River Studios collective), Birmingham (Amdeep Sanghera), Nottingham (Aja Ireland), Sheffield (Deyar Yasin), Southend (John Hannon) and even Dan’s dad contributes bee sounds and photography from Wales. Energy Is Forever only began to come together, in Dan’s opinion, in the final few months of its creation. The idea was to make a ‘complete’ or holistic experience in which people could totally lose themselves. In Dan’s own words, “I am very very lucky to know so many talented and diverse motherfuckers!”