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The Antwerp label Ekster is presenting the vinyl version of the Tea Notes album by Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David Edren this evening.
For this occasion, Ekster’s Victor Robyn will play a personal selection of records.
WAV will air his dj set live.

You can also come to the venue and have the Closet of Records experience in full –> dj set, a shop cabinet with vinyl records, cassettes and paper AND different teas will be served.

Closet of Records @ Het Bos // Closet of Records / Ekster / dj Victor Robyn fb event

More info about the album:

Jatinder Singh Durhailay and David Edren released Tea Notes as a cassette back in April of 2018. London-based Jatinder Singh Durhailay is a painter and student of Indian Classical music. He has trained in both the sitar and the Hindi singing technique, Dhrupad. He also plays two traditional Sikh instruments; the bowed, stringed Dilruba and Taus. Poetic Pastel Press issued his solo debut, The Last Ballad Of Mardana, in 2017. David Edren`s expertise lies with machines and modular synthesis. His Kosmische and New Age-Inspired electronics have featured on numerous cassettes, and compilations, produced for imprints from the current Belgian underground, such as Jj Funhouse, Social Harmony, and Ultra Eczema. These recordings appearing, since the turn of the millennium, either under his own name, or the moniker DSR Lines.

Jatinder and David’s collaboration, Tea Notes, is a celebration, a meditation, on both the beverage, and the communal time shared imbibing. The coming together to partake in its ritual. Each of the six tracks represents a different infusion.