On air from 21h till 22h

Indulge in an exquisite selection of undiscovered musical gems at Fairly Rare #2, a transcendent DJ show presented by cloudshaper at We Are Various. Delve into a tapestry of international and Belgian artists, carefully curated to bring you the freshest sounds. Experience the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures and be among the first to embrace the newest tracks from cloudshaper. Prepare to be captivated by a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and genres, where the ordinary fades away and the extraordinary emerges. Join us for a night of musical exploration, where the allure of the unknown beckons and the magic of discovery awaits. Don’t miss this extraordinary showcase of talent, as we weave together a symphony of the rare and the remarkable.

1. ELOI – Divorce
2. De Rivier – De Rivier
3. the Streets – Don’t mug yourself
4. Lewis Ofman – Nails Matching My Fit
5. Vampiros – Chupacabra
6. Pino D’Anglio – Ma quala Idea
7. Sworn Virgins – 50 Dollar Bills
8. Black Flower – O Foto
9. Chassol – Pipornthitology pt2
10. William Onyeabor – When the going is Smooth & Good
11.Cha cha  Guitri – non non non
12. Otto – About You Now
13. DM90- Club Hoe
14. Mietze Conte – Bunnybunnybunny
15. Shlundee – RUN IT!
16. Cybotron – Clear
17. John Noseda – Climax
18. Nathan Elias – 1000 FEET
19. Draken – NOSTYLIST x crimewave