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Mathieu Vandekerckhove is the guitarist from post-metal / sludge-metal band Amenra, one of the most intense live bands in Belgium. They have toured from Japan to the States. They often work together with visual artists & choreographers, including Willy Vanderperre & Berlin De Bruyckere. Mathieu is also member of Skemer together with his partner Kim Peers.

For this session Mathieu shares some of his favourites. From Starkweather, Ploegendienst, Black Flag to Minor Threat.

  1. Into Another : Drowning
  2. Starkweather: Unto Me
  3. Ploegendienst: Borderline
  4. D.O.A.: 13
  5. Shelter: Dead & Dying
  6. Neglect: Lost
  7. Black Flag: Rise Above
  8. Dead Stop: Dead Stop
  9. Integrity: Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny
  10. Life Of Agony: River Runs Red
  11. Disembodied: Heroine Fingers
  12. Dead Moon: Diamonds In The Rough
  13. Minor Threat: I Don’t Want To Hear It
  14. Orange 9mm: High Speed Changer
  15. Cro-Mags: Hard Times
  16. Bad Brains: Big Take Over
  17. Fugazi: Waiting Room
  18. True Widow: Thuergist
  19. Reproach: ’92
  20. Mucky Pup: Three Dead Gophers