On air Friday 02.08.19 from 19h till 20h.

Our first show in collaboration with Ampere Open Air 2019.
We Are Various is hosting a stage at the new open air festival from Ampere club (Antwerp) end of Augustus & to celebrate this we’ll be teasing you the whole month of August with some exclusive shows at WAV from artists who will perform at the festival and at our stage.
Extra info & tickets for the festival via https://ampereopenair.com/

About our first guest Gabriella Vergilov

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Gabriella Vergilov is a skilled producer, DJ and vocalist with an idiosyncratic take on electronic music. Growing up in a small town, far away from the dance floors and the DJ booths, she learned classical piano and contemporary dance, before discovering her father’s record collection: her dream of becoming a singer was born. When she moved to Sofia, Gabriella immersed herself in the club culture and finally found her place in Copenhagen, then Berlin, as the DJ and producer we know today. Shaped by her classical training, her Bulgarian origins and the underground scenes she’s explored, her sound is like no other: personal, sensual, eclectic, topped off by vocals that would give anyone goosebumps. Now based in Brussels, Gabriella Vergilov is currently sharing her time between international gigs and her residency at Ampere.