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A true italian disco legend ! Beppe Loda, born in 1957, had a residency in the mythical Typhoon club in Italy from 1980-1987 and later in the equally legendary Italian club Cosmic. This eclectic wizard carries a precious treasure of more than 40 years obscure italo cosmic afro space disco. Just like DJ Harvey this guy is a must see when it comes down to Eclectic Disco at its finest! 

This is a collab with House on Fire. Beppe Loda is playing on the 11th of May at Meatpack
All details & info here. 

We did a small interview upfront. Enjoy.


WAV: Hi Beppe, you were resident in the mythical Typhoon club in the early ‘80’s. Today we’re like almost 40 years later and you’re still on tour & deejay on a regular base. What’s keeping you motived & inspired after all these years?

BL: Hi guys, well it’s pretty simple. I keep doing it because I have a very big passion for this job & the music.

WAV: Do you see a change in club culture when you compare it with a few decades ago ?

BL: Mmm, for me personally it hasn’t changed that much. 😉 You need to know that I play many tracks today that I’ve been using in the ‘70’s. Obscure stuff, AND Italian disco music. They are edited (by me) in a different way.

WAV: Your Afro-Italian mixtapes & dj sets at Typhoon & Cosmic in the 80’s gave you a mythical reputation. If you had to pick a track that somehow defines that era (if possible), which one would it be?

BL: There are many tracks that define that era, so unfortunately it’s really impossible to pick one. My wife says that I’ve spent half of my life looking for records and the other half playing them. 😉 

WAV: Your record collection must be pretty enormous by now. Do you still add lot of new stuff and do you follow blogs or sites to keep up with today’s scene & new labels?

BL: There are many good new labels around and I used to follow the new disco and other releases in general. But to play a different and unique sound I had to do it differently. So, come over to the party on friday to listen to some stuff you probably never heard

WAV: The last few years there have been more & more streaming platforms for dance culture, like Boiler Room and online radio stations like NTS, Berlin Community Radio or Automat Radio (in Italy), to name just a few. You did also a Boiler Room set early 2017 in Melbourne. What’s your view on it?

BL: Well, I can’t speak for other dj’s but I can imagine it’s important. For me it’s a way to expose another side of my job.There are two important moments for people that come to the party, listening & dancing to the music and the other one  is watching the dj. Since I travel a lot, and visiting countries like Holland & Belgium, I had the occasion to learn how it’s possible to communicate to the people without speaking. Simply by watching street artists. 

WAV: Let’s talk about Friday. What kind of set can we expect at the House on Fire party in Meatpack (Antwerp)?

BL: Well, like I said before. It’s a good opportunity to listen to some music you probably have never heard of. And it’s gonna be fun and also a boxing match between me & the House Of Fire residents. 😉

WAV: Are you hanging around afterwards in Antwerp? And are there must checks on your list? Maybe we can help out.

BL: Culture is very important to me & I would love to stay longer. But time is pretty short so I’m gonna visit the places that I used to go to in the ’80’s. Like record stores & some parts of the city that bring back some good memories. 

WAV:  Last question: can you share with us a favourite Belgian track?

BL: I love Crammed Disc from Mark Hollander and it’s artists like Hector Zazu & Bikaye.