WAV Tasting /weɪˈteɪstɪŋ/

Noun; a gathering at which people sample, compare, and evaluate different kinds of the specified drink or food -AND MUSIC- in small amount. 


Our second tasting night OPEN FOR PUBLIC, combining good drinks and music!

For the perfect musical pairing to whisky, we invited ANDY VOTEL, long-standing BBC/NTS radio host, DJ, mixtape master, producer, visual artist, events’ curator, co-founder of Twisted Nerve Records, the B-music collective, and last but not least Finders Keepers, the best label for all things weird, obscure yet funky, from Iranian freak folk to mental French cosmic disco or Czech New Wave 70s cinema soundtrack.

Andy Votel, all-round king of niche, will bring you an eclectic mix of funk, ambient, cinematic soundscapes and much much more. Live show at the Pixel bar -open for public- ànd online.


Host of the whisky evening is ERIK DE BEUKELAER. Erik has been passionately engaged with whisky tastings for 17 years. He is also a passionate hobby brewer and in daily life works as a consultant for various breweries and distilleries.

He will give you 4 whiskies and 1 whisky cocktail, of course accompanied by his expert explanation (spiced up with a bit of gibberish, that too).

Lovers of whisky, for whom 5 drinks are too much, are welcome to sample the proposed whiskies per glass at the bar.

Everything at very democratic prices (€ 15 for the full tasting, € 3 per tasting glass, € 6 per cocktail).

IMPORTANT! Places for the tasting are limited. So if you want to attend to the full tasting, PLEASE REGISTER via tastings@zymo.be

Next to whisky you can also order all the OTHER DRINKS from the Pixel menu.