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Deconstructed Club or Post-Club is a transformative genre that transcends traditional club beats and structures, embracing a queer ethos of subversion and fluidity. It dismantles the typical frameworks of dance music, creating a sound characterized by complex soundscapes that defy the normative 4/4 beat patterns. Its queerness lies not just in LGBTQ+ representation but in its foundational resistance to categorization, manifesting in experimental and dissonant sounds that celebrate diversity. As a movement, it redefines club culture, offering a space for radical self-expression and community for those who live beyond society’s binaries. This genre stands as a beacon of innovation, using the power of sound for cultural exploration and personal empowerment.

  1. Calcination – Jlin
  2. Front Load – Arca
  3. AS Going (feat. LYZZA) – Amnesia Scanner
  4. 6Hikatteru – Golin
  5. 7Heterocetera – Lotic
  6. SLIME -Shygirl
  8. Goin Nuts – VTSS/LSDXOXO
  9. GLAMOUR Riddim – TGYAPAW, George Riley
  10. 日出東方 唯我不敗 – Tzusing
  11. Joy Squad – Koreless
  12. Soma – Ninajirachi
  13. Pump My Body Up (Ariel Zetina Remix) – Boy Pussy
  14. Pods – Two Shell
  15. Chaos (Wax Wings Remix) – Louisahhh
  16. Crush on U – Bored Lord
  17. Ritmo Actual – Toma Kami
  18. GETOUTOFMYHEAD – I. Jordan, Sherelle