Revelation time presents you with a journey through reggae music, both Jamaican and Outernational with an emphasis on the heyday of roots reggae, while also showcasing contemporary sounds. The show is hosted by Kingston Echo & Missing Link, both avid reggae vinyl collectors. Kingston Echo is an Antwerp based producer, who works out of his own Hoboken Hi-Fi backyard studio in true reggae tradition. All of his productions are strictly done on Analogue tape recorders and old school mixing desk and plenty of vintage effects. Missing Link is one of the best known and hardest working MC’s in the Belgian reggae scene. He’s also a part of the Blackbird Soundsystem crew, who host their roots reggae based sessions regularly at Trix. Both of them are also members of Antwerp roots reggae band Spellbreakers (Kingston Echo on guitar and production duties, Missing Link as the drummer), as well as Hoboken Hi-Fi in-house band, the Hi-Flyers.

You can expect personal favourites from their collection, fresh works straight out of the Hoboken Hi-Fi studio and regular showcases from other contemporary roots reggae producers.