WAV The Radio – a small introduction by Nikolaï
“I always felt deeply attracted to radio. So in 2008 I started doing it myself, online, inspired by Beats in Space, East Village Radio and the urge of sharing music in the first place. I remember standing behind that small window, the studio of EVR, a good feeling. A friend asked me in there. Thanks for that. Unfortunately something – more than one thing – came up and I couldn’t continue with the station. WAV is what we called it. In 2017 I started talking with Fred Nasen about this mutual passion. The brothers Howlin’ joined us and of course my sister Daphné is always around. Friends came along to help and got involved. The energy was there. Some things in life just need to be, even if they take their time.
We Are Various and here we are. Ready to (re)discover our own and your record collection. I was raised in a record store. With this project I want to transmit a feeling that I’ll never loose, bringing people together, sharing the energy, building a new hope (very Star Wars), releasing music and exchanging thoughts. Stay positive and say what you think.  I’m thrilled this is all happening again. Thank you Fred Nasen, Jan en Patrick Olyslager, Tom Tossyn, and Daphné Pascual”.