Suzanne Kraft is the solo moniker of Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Diego Herrera, who is also a member of neo-disco group Pharaohs. While the 12″ EPs produced under the Kraft moniker tend to be lush, dancefloor-centric deep house and disco, his full-lengths are more experimental, incorporating acoustic guitars and drifting away from rhythmic structures. Kraft’s debut album, Missum, was given a limited CD-R release on Discotheque Records in 2010. Disco-influenced EP Green Flash appeared on Running Back in 2011, followed by Horoscope on Young Adults in 2012. Following Kraft remixes for artists including Tomas Barfod and the Cyclist, Missum was reissued by Running Back in 2014, and Noise in My Head released his downtempo EP Tracks for Performance the same year. In 2015, Melody as Truth released Kraft’s second full-length, Talk from Home, which continued the meditative acoustic guitar style of Missum while including some tracks with downtempo electronic beats. He returned to more uptempo club-focused material with the release of 2016’s DJ Safety EP on Kitjen.