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In anticipation of Diepvries’ Dream Chimney mix (a selection of Dream Chimney related tracks), we asked DC founder Ryan Bishop a few questions.

WAV: Hi Ryan, how would you describe the Dream Chimney website (portal) to someone who’s not familiar with it?

RB: “The Dream Chimney website concept is never easy to explain to people so i don’t usually even try. Originally the idea for the site was as a place host new web project, ideas or experiments. The site started with user submitted dreams that we pretended to interpret, sending a dozen fake donuts to friends via email etc. but really the main focus and what were known for if anything is “Track of the Day”.

I had never heard of the term Blog at the time but that’s kind of what it was. Basically each of our members would share a single song as their favorite track of the day and add some short reaction or reason for it. It could be something they just bought, re-discovered in their collection, spotted in a mix, heard in the grocery store or later we started using it as a way to share tracks we had recorded recently.  Everyday at midnight PST the site starts over, a new day, and you can share your new favorite track of the day.

As you explore the rest of the site you might find other sections… oddball record covers, music interviews, 80s rap videos or just random findings from our day on the internet. In general the site is pretty music oriented but if we have something cool, funny or weird to share there is a place for it somewhere on Dream Chimney.”

WAV: Dream Chimney works with several contributors and members. Have they been around since the start or are they sometimes being replaced with new members to keep it fresh?

“Currently there are about 40 “active” members, meaning they’ve added content in the past year. Over the course of 18 years there have been close to 200 members. All accounts are still active and sometimes 7-8 years goes by and someone will return to post a track.

From the very start there were about 10 friends that became members by default, i gave them a Chimney name and they could contribute. A few of them are actually still contributing today.  Then slowly I added more and more friends if they asked to join. Eventually I decided to open it up so that anyone could apply to become a “Chimney”, asking a few detailed questions to help filter out those that might not be a good fit. I typically add a few members each year and recently I added “Guest Chimney” posts where selected DJs/Producers can post a one time Track of the Day. If they aren’t familiar with the site it can be confusing to explain but mostly they get it.”

WAV: Are you supervising the content in some kind of way or do they get complete freedom on the tracks or mixes they choose?

“Once approved by me, they can post whatever they like. In general the music posted fall within our style but still it is your favorite track of the day, so it could be anything they are super stoked on at the moment.
For our “Mix of the Week” series and DC Promo Tracks we have featured on SoundCloud I screen all of those, invite DJs and labels that i think would fit our style.”

WAV: Do you keep up on the amount of monthly visitors on the website?

“I monitor the site daily to see what was posted and Ill check web stats for referring urls and user locations sometimes. During 2005 or so when we had peak contributions and audience it would have been pretty interesting stats though. Ive always been very curious to understand who’s out there reading/listening. Everyone is allowed to post comments on the site so messages from those lurking around are always nice to read and help get a sense that others are following along  or Googling a track and found us. For example check out the message board posts for tracks by Ian MacFarlane, there is a tremendous fan base out there that seems to have magically found Dream Chimney.”

WAV: If you had to pick a favourite mix for someone to feel the Dream Chimney vibe, which one would it be?

“The first mix that comes to mind was made back in 2007 by Mother Chimney who records as Hatchback and also part of Windsurf. The mix was in honor of his 1000th track posted on Dream Chimney and  includes all music produced by members of our site. It has some amazing and unreleased tunes but also our general style and musical influences will be apparent as well.

Also the first ever “Mix of the Week” from Sorcerer Chimney aka Sorcerer still perfectly sums up the Dream Chimney style and set the stage for 200 more weekly mixes to follow.”

WAV: Are there plans to set something up in Europe in the near future? Dj gigs or a promotional tour?

“That would be cool, but no, nothing planned.”

WAV: Dream Chimney is already in the game for around 18 years and the design of the website could reveal it a little bit. But that’s also of course the big strength & branding of DC, the original webdesign & fun part gives it a unique position. I was wondering if you have updated the design already since the start & was this also the intention / goal to make it something different and unique?

“The design, or lack of, has basically remained the same since the start. My background is web development not design so Ive resorted to repurposing artwork from disco record covers and old atari flyers.  In the last few years i’ve updated the main sections of the code in order to bring it closer to the modern era of the web and make it easier for me to add new features but the design remains and probably will remain the same.”

WAV: Which other websites are amongst your favourites ?

WAV: How do you see Dream Chimney evolve in 5 years time?

“Seeing as Dream Chimney hasn’t evolved much in the last 10 years i don’t know if it will change much. I would love to turn Dream Chimney into a label especially with all the producers we have as members already. Also expand our store to sell  records/tapes and more DC logo gear too. And of course in 2020 id like like to have a massive 20 year anniversary Dream Chimney celebration!”

WAV: Let’s switch a bit to a more personal angle. Which record is on high rotation for the moment at your place?

“Galaxies by Odeon on Running Back. Also the brand new Project Sandro album promo i just received!”!”

WAV: What’s your monthly average spend on records ?

“Not that much, thanks to great label promos! On vinyl im cheap typically $1-2 bargain records mostly whenever i can get to Amoeba.  Rarely if ever spend more than $15-20 on any single record. Bandcamp & Beatport digital $10-20 a month maybe.”

WAV: Who’s making a difference in 2018 in your opinion (doesn’t have to be music related but it can be of course) ?

“All the labels unearthing and officially re-releasing really rare, out of print and obscure albums.”

WAV: What’s the craziest thing you ever saw on the internet?

“Just last week, this guy’s outfit

“Actually maybe this, i found this site a while back where a designer named a dress the “Dream Chimney Dress

WAV: Last question: have you been to Belgium yet & do you have a favourite belgian track to share?

I have not been yet, but would love to. I love all the new stuff on Deewee label from Belgium! I don’t know if this artist is from Belgium though. Asa Moto “Athina””

Thank you very much !