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Eclecticism in dance music as leitmotiv, combining a wide range of styles and artists whose timeless music fit my taste. Warmth, depth, meaning and of course great rhythms are the common ground.

Vincent Brijs (1982) is a musician, record collector and DJ. He is the founder and inspirer of the Antwerp gonzo-space funk band BRZZVLL, he is also active with, among others, the legendary American funk band Defunkt”. Even before he was serious about playing saxophone, he was already DJing. His style is very eclectic and varies between jazzsoulfunkdiscoelectroboogieacidhousebreaks…

1. What was the first sound you remember?

Nana Mouskouri

2. And the first sound that you recognized as music, never to leave your heart/head again?

Nana Mouskouri, unfortunately

3 What did you want to become as a kid?

no idea

4. Who do you look up to and why?

Wayne Shorter; a spiritual jazz legend who wrote the most beautiful compositions.

5. Who should play you in the movie about your life?

Bill Murray

6. What annoys you the most? About others? About yourself?

Being human; things might be better if we all were super creatures from outer space.

7. Choose one superpower if you were a comic book hero?

Being able to change peoples minds

8. What is your trademark joke or trick?

No idea

9. Did video really kill the radio star?


10. Who are you favorite table guests, dead and/or alive?

My friends

11. Where would you rather be right now?

Just where i’m at; at home

12. How close did you ever come to death?

As a kid I almost choked on a piece of steak.

13. What is the craziest thing you ever saw on the internet?

That’s difficult to say due to the overload of crazy things on the net

14. Do you dance to your own music? Why (not)?

Yes, when I’m performing on stage. Because I start do dance when I’m feeling ‘it’.