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2021 is almost coming to an end, it was (again) a year which will not  be forgotton soon, but hopefully better times will come.

Throughout 2021, you could listen to DTM Funk’s Black Gravity playlist, a monthly spotify playlist where DTM carefully selected his 22 tracks of the moment. The selection of tracks varied between new fresh releases and  forgotten gems hidden under the surface.For this beautiful time of the yearDTM wanted to spice things up and invited several creative artists and music enthusiasts close to the label for curating a smooth playlist for Christmas evening !

88 Black Gravity X-Mas Rhythms for the brain selected by Brenda Corijn (Ão), Luccatoni, Greg Abels and DTM Funk.  Ranging from BeeBop and Jazz-Funk to Soul and Neosoul classics, these are the perfect rhythms for your Christmas evening with family and friends!  Don’t use shuffle, play the tracks from A to Z from starter to Dessert.