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Professional skateboarder Axel “CRUSHER” Cruysberghs took the time to deliver a list with favourite tracks for the Curtains show from his LA residence. Music from his favorite video parts and music from the skate vids he was featured in.
Being the first guest in this “CURTAINS guest series”, El Gallito asked him the importance of music in his life and skateboarding.
Read the interview with Axel right here

* Photo by Switn 

  • intro
  • Ted Nugent : Stormtroopin (Anthony Van Engelen / the DC Video)
  • Billy Changer – Band of Brothers (Axel & Jackson Pilz / Volcom Holy Stokes)
  • Tyler Daughn:  Bad (Colin Provost / Toy Machine Programming Injection)
  • Fugazi: Promises  (Toy Machine ‘Programming Injection’ Montage)
  • Elliott Smith; Coast to Coast (‘Dylan’ Gravis)
  • Black Mountain: Druganaut (Axel Cruysberghs in etnies presents: AB&A)
  • Dinosaur Jr. : Creepies (Omar Salazar / Mindfield)
  • Adolescents: Kids of the Black Hole (AVE / Alien Workshop Mindfield)
  • Nots: Reactor (Axel Cruysberghs / Toy Machine Programming Injection)
  • Battles: Atlas (Arto Saari / Mind Field)
  • Sebadoh: Flame (Josh Harmony in Toy Machine Good and Evil)
  • Morrissey: Speedway (Heath Kirchart / Mindfield)
  • Animal Collective: My Girls (Jake Johnson / Mindfield)
  • Fad Gadget: Coitus Interruptus (Axel in Where We Come From)
  • Ladytron : Blue Jeans(Billy Marks in Toy Machine Good and Evil)
  • Professor Murder : The Mountain(CJ Collins / Toy Machine Programming Injection)
  • The Growlers: Humdrum Blues (Daniel Lutheran / Toy Machine Programming Injection)