On air Monday 21.01.19 from 20h till 22h

Galle “el Gallito” Wesley is a Kortrijk based skateshop and skatepark Co-owner.  As a former skateboarder and employee of a skateshop in the 90’s he had acces to all the latest skatevideos and began to collect them. By looking at skatevideos he immersed himself into the soundtrack used for skateparts.

Memorable skatevideos with amazing soundtracks and skaters that left an impact on the culture for their infamous video part.  An insight into skate and style combined.

“CURTAINS” is often referred to the last part of a skatevideo; the climax. The drama, the groundbreaking and sometimes never seen before tricks and slo-mo’s that come with a great song. That part of the video you’d rewind and watch all over and over again. That skatepart you’d play before your own skatesession.