On air 17.01.20 from 18h30 until 19h30


Ahead of their event W/ Palmbomen II on 22/02/2020 in FOMU. Discjockey Jackpot from Ezekiel Soundsystem will set the mood for that event. So tune in friday 17/01.

Ezekiel 25:17 is an organisation founded by 4 friends in 2018.

The characteristics that Ezekiel25:17 stands for are: the highest possible quality of music in very out-of-the-ordinary locations with the best possible vibes. By doing so, we hope to give people fantastic experiences.
Differentiation, Uniqueness and Exclusiveness are depicted by ensuring regulated and relatively small crowds in staggering locations and the peculiar way we set up these premises are only revealed to one’s eye on the day of the event.
Thereby, a continuous element of surprise is brought to the attention of each and every attendant.