On air from 14h till 15h20

WAV(e) into the weekend with Texture Radio this afternoon. Another selection of homelistening favourites, leftfield disco & forgotten classics. Expect new (not new) tunes

  1. Arc: Orphic Mysteries
  2. Bassline ft Lorraine Chambers: You’ve Gone
  3. Mr Ho: OOHBaby
  4. Khan: Sweet Pink Limonade
  5. Sarah Bates: Free Spirits
  6. East Coast Love Affair: Don’t Be Afraid
  7. Benedek: Street Level
  8. TRAXX: Bizarre Beat 2
  9. Toyin Agbetu: Shadows
  10. Larry Heard
  11. Emissions Audio Ouput
  12. DJN4: Voltozan’s Phogarr
  13. rRoxymore – Soleil Synthetique
  14. System Olympia: Jade Stones
  15. Eddie C
  16. Quiet Village – Too High To Move