This Sunday is Mother’s Day. At WAV we celebrate and honour mothers the whole afternoon by broadcasting the finest selection of these musical mothers:


Elviera Velghe is the mother of Iman and Phara. She has them together with Peter, her love and husband. She is the director of FOMU, the museum of photography, in which WAV has its HQ. She’s an art historian and has been working in the museum sector for 16 years, first as assistant curator at the Groeningemuseum in Bruges, later as director of one of Europe’s leading photography museums. As she says herself about music: “Music takes a very special place in my life. It gives me loads of energy, it helps me to put problems into perspective, it makes me happy. I just can’t imagine a day without music. One of my favourite genres is soul music. Soul keeps me in its grip since childhood. It’s difficult to explain why, but a good soul song can touch me deeply so that I can feel the ‘lust for life’. The leitmotif in my music list therefore, has to do with soul music: 20 good songs from the past to now, songs that make me float.”


Kim Peers is mother of Linus (7) and Anton (4). As a model since the noughties, she has done a lot of shoots for magazines and campaigns and has run catwalks in the big fashion cities. Among others for Vogue, Prada, … . She also makes music and is currently busy with Crimpers, a noise band with punk and doom influences.


Nathalie Delcroix is the mother of Emma and Silas. She’s a singer-songwriter, from all angels ensemble Lais & folkband Birds That Change Colour, among other projects, and now mainly as half of Eriksson Delcroix, a band best described as ‘a southern comfort ensemble, inspired by the midwest crawling snakes and the eagles flying in the southern breeze. Their sound is warm, melancholic & single malt!’

-picture by Koen Bauters-


Frie Pascual is the mother of Nikolaï and Daphné. With this one it’s difficult not to become lyrical, as two of the WAV-ers (including the one typing these letters) can be called her creation. The uber-mother, tha moekah, the mother before all the other mothers. Without her there would be no love for music, no love. Captain of the USA Import music ship/shop, she was an icon behind the USA Import counter for more then 30 years, passionately transmitting the message of music to the people at the other side of the counter. Many music lovers from Antwerp and beyond will confirm that Frie was their Mother in Music. One of the many lessons she teached us, was: there’s something good in every style of music, be it jazz, rock, soul, disco, techno or…. yes, even gabber. You just have to want to hear it. Free your mind and come fly. A belief that we practice to this day.

Swing low, time to move on
Light years in time, ahead of our time
Free your mind and come fly
With me, it’s hip on the mothership groovin’

(Parliament – Mothership Connection)