It’s no secret that Gabi (real name Gabrielle) is one of our favourite radio hosts on NTS radio with her monthly selection of synth, new wave to post punk.  We’re very glad she reserved some time to do a guest mix for WAV this month and to answer a few questions. 

WAV: ‘Hey Gabi, you currently live in London now. Has this always been your homebase?’

Gabi: ‘No, I moved to London from Amsterdam back in 2013.’

WAV: You have a monthly show on NTS Radio since 2018. How did that start? 

Gabi: ‘When I moved to London I worked as a producer a day a week in the studio. I then became involved in NTS in other various ways, which eventually led to my own show.’

WAV: ‘Were you always interested in radio, cause I saw you were also studio manager at Red Light Radio in Amsterdam around 2013. ‘

Gabi: ‘Yes. I’ve always loved radio. I studied journalism at UTS in Sydney. In the first week the head of radio journalism came to our lecture and played this really unusual radio documentary piece about this couple in the Australian desert. I never really heard sound used in that way. I decided to major radio and went on to produce loads of radio documentaries.  On more of a music note, I way prefer the music that people play on radio compared to the music people play in clubs.’

WAV: ‘What kind of music are you into for the moment? 

Gabi: ‘For the past 6 years I’ve been curating playlists for bars, restaurants and hotels. As a result the music that I listen to outside of work is anything that wont work in a background music playlist.’

WAV: ‘Are you still impressed with today’s music scene & the releases?’

Gabi: ‘I don’t really play new stuff on my radio show, but I constantly need to listen to new music for work when i’m curating playlists. I think just like in every era, there is good and bad music being made.’

WAV: “Can you pick one track from your mix for WAV and tell us something about it?”

Gabi: ‘I’ve used tracks from two of my favourite artists in this mix. Theres a track in there by Leslie Winer (can’t remember the name of it..). I love everything she has put out. She’s worked with loads of great artists like Jah Wobble. The track Sandbox by Michael Yonkers is another favourite of mine. I just really like the sound of his voice and the way he uses it.’

WAV: ‘Let’s end with your favourite Belgian track or album.’

Gabi: ‘The Neon Judgement – Please Release Me, Let Me Go-Go’

WAV: ‘Thanks a lot !’ 

(Interview by Fred Nasen (WAV))

Gabi  is a monthly resident at NTS Radio.

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