We asked some of our residents and guests a list of their favourite releases, labels or covers during 2019. During the last 2 weeks of December we will post them here in our news section. Enjoy!

Resident: In Limbo


In Limbo is one of the sonic landscapes Daphné loves to roam in. In Light or At Night.

Listen to Daphné and In Limbo in the archive here.


1. A glimpse of the music that reverberated In Limbo.Caterina Barbieri – Ecstatic Computation – Editions Mego

Dale Cornish – Enhex – E240 – Entr’acte – CD

Miaux – Black Space, White Cloud – Ultra Eczema

Ossia – Devil’s Dance – Blackest Ever Black

Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma – Intemporel – Black Sweat Records

Perlesvaus – Une si granz clartez an vint – digital only

Lieven Martens – Deo Gratias Triginta Sex – Longformeditions – digital only

Tomaga – Extended Play 1 – Negative Days

Xao – External Care Unit – Astral Black

Daphné Oram – Oramics – Young Americans

First time vinyl re-issue.

Rian Treanor – A Rational Tangle – The Death of Rave

Rian Treanor’s debut release from 2015 now back in stock.

Solid Space – Space Museum – Dark Entries Records

Happy late find (re-issued in 2017 – original 1982 – made my 2019).  Especially sing-along-song: “There’s a Darkness in My Soul”.

Chaweewan Dumern – Lam Toey Chaweewan 

Eternal medicine. I have to take this one on a very regular basis, and shout&scream-along, in order to stay sane.

2. The afterglow of concerts.Ratas del viejo Mundo – Laus Polyphoniae festival – Amuz – Antwerp – 24.08.19

How they combined Burgundian repertoire with age-old, orally transmitted Lithuanian traditionals, was absolutely revelatory. Their 2019 album Ossesso is great too.

Teanotes performance at Maison Guiette – Antwerp – 02.11.19

Transcendental total experience appealing to all senses. Left there in total peace and one with the world.
The Teanotes album became also a leitmotif during the last months:

Jatinder Singh Durhailay & David Edren – Tea Notes – Ekster

Ustad SaamiLe Guess Who? festival – Jacobikerk – Utrecht – 09.11.19

Goosebumps, tears, catching breath. What a master.


Other concert highlights:
Ahti & Ahti and Lau Nau & Pekko Kappi – Café Oto – London – 12.04.19
Sugai Ken – Het Bos – Antwerp – 24.10.19
Floris Vanhoof and Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond – Het Bos – Antwerp – 30.05.19
Puce Mary, Yek (Reza Mortazavi & Friedman), Pierre Bastien&Tomaga – Rewire Festival – Den Haag – 29-31.03.19
Jerusalem in My Heart + Slumberland – Beursschouwburg – Brussels – 02.02.19 
Gameboyz II Men – 5 jaar Het Bos – Antwerp – 01.06.19 
Visible Cloaks&Yoshio Ojima&Satsuki Shibano, Sarah Davachi – Le Guess Who? festival – Utrecht – 12-15.11.19

3. The Delight I took out of doing this WAV radioshow with my brother – 04.05.19

Playing and remembering these pretty amazing tracks of Mappa Mundi, Patrick Selinger, The Cosmo Kid (aka M.I.K.E. Push), Liaisons D. and many others my parents released on the USA Import imprint.
Watching Lexi (3years) and Lucian (6years) Pascual (LP&LP, that’s right) dancing their b*tts off on hardcore techno and trance, making us (proudly) laugh with the observation that they are unmistakeably part of the family.

4. Félix Blume masterclass – Doc Nomads – LUCA School of Arts – Brussels – 5-8.11.19

The presentation of his body of work and his masterclass about the history of sound pieces left more than an impression. You can watch and listen to all his sound pieces on his website.
This Son Seul / Wild Track as a taster. Humour and beauty in simplicity.

6. What Kate Tempest says.

I saw it roaring
I felt it clawing at my clothes like a grieving friend
It said there are no new beginnings
Until everybody sees that the old ways need to end
But it’s hard to accept that we’re all one and the same flesh
Given the rampant divisions between oppressor and oppressed
But we are, though
More empathy, less greed, more respect
All I’ve got to say has already been said
I mean, you heard it from yourself
When you were lying in your bed and couldn’t sleep
Thinking, “Couldn’t we be doing this differently?”
I’m listening to every little whisper in the distance singing hymns
And I can, I can feel things changing.
From People’s Faces – The Book of Traps and Lessons

5. Zwijgen Is Geen Optie keeps the world awake.

Putting-precious-thoughts-to-words-Heroes: Stefan Hertmans