In anticipation of the Weekender festival this upcoming weekend (25-27th of August) we asked the recently formed and promising band Adiciatz (FR) a few questions.

Adiciatz is Manon (DJ Scar) on vocals and harps, and Guillaume (The Pilotwings, Jonquera) on keyboards and machines, growing a secret garden made of avant-folk and occitan songs. Percussions, voices and spells only to be heard live.

Adiciatz plays live on Saturday in the Kuckuck room at 16h CET. WAV is also streaming that day.

WAV: “Can you introduce yourselves in 2-3 lines?” 

A: “Hello, we are Manon and Guillaume and make music together as Adiciatz. We currently live next to Lyon, France. We met almost 10 years ago at a musical event and have been growing this passion since in many ways.” 

WAV: “Guillaume, you are also active in different projects like Jonquera (live on Friday at Weekender), OGMA & The Pilotwings. How was Adiciatz formed & in which way is it different with your other projects.”  

M: In 2020 as the pandemic and lockdowns happened, we spent a lot of time improvising at home on the available instruments. There were already a few attempts at playing songs together before, but this time it really clicked as we also had really converging tastes and desires. 

G: “Manon has a different musical background – not especially electronic – and a clear vision about how to create intimate spaces. In Adiciatz she sings and mainly plays the amplified Koto, whereas I play percussions and keyboards.” 

WAV: ”Was there a particular influence or inspiration during the production?”

A: “Occitan poetry, industrial music, drone and many concerts or home listenings. Our music comes from our curiosity about sounds, and being the most close to our sensitivity.”

WAV: “What would be the ideal setting for listening to the tracks?”

A: “At the moment, you can only experiment Adiciatz live!”

WAV: “What’s next for 2023?”

A: “Apart from being very excited about Weekender (!) we are working and both live set and recording. We have been very glad to play many venues these past months and will actually take some time off in the end of the year. Before that we will play as Ogma extended band in Brussels, on the 15th of September.” 

WAV: “Any favourite albums you want to share that you listened to the last weeks or months? ” 

A: “We have been listening to Širom « The Liquified Throne of Simplicity » a lot. Also the Sun City Girls « Funeral Mariachi » and Annelies Monseré « Mares ». For road tripping John Fahey is the pick.” 

WAV: “What would you recommend to see at Weekender” ? 

A: “All, really. We are super enthusiastic about the programmation elaborated by the festival. Maybe a special mention (no surprises) for the Dwarfs of East Agouza.” 

WAV: ‘Thank you and we’ll see you at Weekender this weekend” 

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[Interview by Fred Nasen (WAV)]